Web links

Search engines
Google Worldwide fulltext and directory
Vivisimo Worldwide clustering fulltext
Morfeo Czech fulltext
Centrum Czech directory
Jyxo Czech fulltext with interface to other engines
Czech transport lookup
idos.cz Searching in train and bus lines timetables in Czech Republic (in Czech here)
Prague Transit co. Prague public transit overview (in Czech here)
Connection in Prague Search in Prague public transit (in Czech here)
Garfield archive Browsable archive of all Garfield comic strips (link to the very beginning)
jokes.cz Cathegorized jokes archive in Czech
bash.org Quote database
Programming contests
ACM ICPC International programming contest
MFF Local programming contest training seminar
UVA University of Valladolid Online Judge
ZJU Zhejiang University Online Judge
Puzzles and problems
Petr Kovar Mathematical puzzles in Czech
John Rausch Big collection of mechanical puzzles documented online
Math Puzzle Less seriously about mathematics
Dictionaries at Google Entry in Google directory
slovnik.cz Bi-directional English Czech dictionary, simple English interface, without Czech diacritical marks
Langsoft Dictionary Bi-directional Czech to more languages, with Czech interface & compulsory diacritics, possibly entered also without Czech keyboard layout via special character sequences (see "Zastupne znaky" on the page)
WinGED 2000 Bi-directional Czech to more languages, Czech interface, optional diacritics, spell checker
Builder General programming articles in Czech, discussion groups, info directory
Reboot Programming and computer related news in Czech
Code box Programming, tutorials, news
php.cz PHP news, mirror of php.net
InformIT IT related articles
Interval Web design and programming in Czech
Linux and security
Root Linux and computers news in Czech
Underground Linux and security topics in Czech
Penguin Unix & Linux, in Czech
Black Hole Security, news & programming, in Slovak
linux.cz Czech Linux news and main starting point
Current local time in Prague Also other info about the Czech republic.
World of Escher Graphics works of Maurits Cornelis Escher
Chema Madoz Photographs
Planet Perplex All kinds of optical illusions
Fractals Great collection of fractals of various kinds

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